A Chance To Play - A manual promoting play for children in South Africa

The manual »A chance to play« is a practical manual. It brings together play activities and ideas drawn from the experiences of people working with children in South Africa. It is targeting primarily carers of children, including parents and teachers, in other words youth or adults who can facilitate play with children. Contributors to the manual include individuals and organisations with vast experience, and expertise in play. The manual focuses on the play activities and how to facilitate them.

Practical play ideas that have been played by South African children with local resources, in both rural and urban areas. Play ideas for groups, families and individual children. Ideas from all over SA with references to different organisations. Promotes a child’s right to play: picks up on issues of inclusion, justice and fair play, who is responsible for creating play environments and children as leaders of their own play. Several organisations showcase what they do to promote play in their communities. For example toy libraries, park watches; hospital play programmes and organised children’s groups such as Scouts.

»A chance to play - A manual promoting play for children in South Africa« - Promotion flyer (PDF file, 550 KB)

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Printed manual obtainable from:

Johannesburg: Lucy Thornton (Woz’obona)
Phone: 083 361 5525
E-mail: wozobona1@gmail.com

Durban: Children’s Rights Centre
Phone: 031 307 6075
E-mail: ramila@crc-sa.co.za

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